Changing your mind

If you change your mind, you risk being seen as a doubter.

You risk being seen as someone who doesn’t know what she wants.

You risk being wrong in the first place.

You risk not being taken seriously the next time you have an opinion.

If you change your mind, you risk a lot.

If ‘being seen as’ is important to you.

Secret: It’s not.

So, what if.

Just if…

Changing your mind also gives you a certain gift.

The gift of being closer to truth.

Of leading by example about vulneratbility.

Of showing that if you know more, you probably understand you know less.

On believing people aren’t always right the first time. Or the second.

Of showing that it’s ok to change your mind.

10 out of 10 times you should risk it all.

So please, change your mind now and then.

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