Thoughts on the EU AI act

The EU AI act has come through. It silently passed in parliament in the EU.

Guidelines for safe AI. My thoughts.

AI development is a geopolitical game

It’s a Moloch game. It’s an arms race. And the winner is potentially to be found in the movie I Am Mother.

Russia doesn’t have this. China doesn’t have this. Wokism demands, until Wokism dies; because evolution.

A legislator isn’t an AI developer

Tech is evolving exponentially smarter than rules now. Yes, we need rules. Moreover, we need to understand tech. The companies building the tech need to be pressured not only by rules.

Facebook wasn’t allowed to do what was done with Cambridge Analytica. But it just didn’t know.

In capitalism, lobby regulates

What would you do in the face of a million? For yourself. Or as a donation to your party? Or getting a stake in a company that’s going to receive a lot of money, so it’s invisible and you’ll take home a small bag of money over the course of the next 20 years?

We’ve seen it all before. People are bought, even though we don’t want it. In capitalism, legislation is at the intersection of morals and money. Is it enough this time?


We don’t know all the powers at play.

We can’t comprehend what AI will be capable of in the future.

The European Union only shared a beautiful image with us, citizens.

At the same time the EU enforced us to have QR-codes with us during Covid, for the vaccinated, in order to be able to enter public buildings.

This feels like we need a change. We all do. And I don’t know how or what. But an EU AI act just doesn’t feel like it’s the right thing at the right time.

AI Act | Shaping Europe's digital future

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