Finding relevant games

Life’s full of games. Actually one might argue that it’s purely games.

Once we see everything as a game, things become clear.

Games have a starting point and a goal (use them)

Games have rules (make them, don’t submit to them).

Games have challenges & quests (overcome them).

Games have props or relics (find them).

Games have winning tactics (discover them).

Games have losing acts (discover those too).

Games have laws (adhere them or find a way to break them).

There’s infinite games in life to play. One of the roles you have in life is to find games relevant for you, and then play them.

Even finding games could be defined as a game. Let’s describe the game.

You start now (starting point). Your goal (goal) is to find as many relevant games to you, and play them while you can. You have to play during your lifetime, before you die (rule). You cannot disobey laws (law) of nature (rule), or can you…? (make rule). You have to take care of your family (rule). Or do you…? (make rule). You have to have values (winning tactic), or do you? (make rule). You could observe people who are ahead of you in life, playing different games than you (winning tactic). You could avoid games that financially or emotionally poor people play (winning tactic).

So you could observe the games that senior people play, the rules they’ve made, goals they pursue, challenges they avoid, laws they adhere to and props they use (winning tactic). Watch successful business people (winning tactic). This way you can uncover relevant games (winning tactic). Even though you might need to get to a certain life standard before you can play them (quest) or maybe need to raise money (challenge). You can fly over the world in a plane (prop), win a gold medal (relic), believe your own judgement (winning tactic) and follow someone else’s dream or die of a parachute that doesn’t open (losing act).

Or you can ignore all of the above and decide for yourself (rule? challenge? winning tactic? losing act?).

Whatever you do. See life from a perspective of it being a game and infinite games.

Discover relevant games.

And play them wholeheartedly.

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