Right before the game

Right before kick-off.

Right before you step on stage.

Right before the shooter starts your marathon.

All mental energy is directed to one point.

‘laser focus’.

Laser is the technique we humans use to cut nano chips for futuristic technology.

Also, we use laser for eye lasering, with an accuracy up to 0,01 millimeters.

Laser can measure distance very accurately. Like the distance to the moon of 384.400 kilometers.

Laser focus can do a lot.

But it needs to be directed.

Right before the game you’re laser focused.

How can you transfer that to the rest of the game? And the rest of your life?

Maybe by pointing it.

For laser to hit its desired target, the light needs not to be obstructed and the pointer needs to be held steadily.

That’s what we can do.

Desire a target. Automatically decide that at that very moment we don’t want to point the light at any other target. That’s just a natural law.

Hold the focus steady, so that it keeps pointing.

And make sure the path to the target is not obstructed – or remove obstructions – because only then the laser will hit its target.

Actually applying ‘laser focus’ is really simple.

Focus. Target. Stability. Remove obstructions.

Even though it’s not easy, it’s really simple.

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