Customer journey truths

In the life cycle of a river, there’s a process of meandering.

The river flows where the water encounters the least resistance.

The same goes for human behavior. I just read an article, and I’m paraphrasing, that says “the customer journey” is going to change because of AI.

And… I agree!

Of course, consumer (human) behavior is changing because of AI.

Moreover, customer behavior has already been changing for quite a few centuries now.

Because: technology.

When technology changes, human (consumer) behavior changes. This creates a problem for marketers that form their strategies around a specific technology.

It can scale really fast, but it can also vanish very quickly.

So, we might consider some customer truths that don’t seem to change when technology does.


Humans – unconsciously – often choose the path of least resistance.


Humans tend to act based on storytelling because it elicits emotion, which prompts action.


The human brain operates in such a way that it trusts things which it recognizes.

For as long as humans have had buying power (and thus were customers, and thus had customer journeys), these principles were in play, regardless of the technology.

And so, they will continue to be in the future.

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